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Lesbian Kiss In The Woods

April 9, 2009

Fox ‘n Kitty

March 28, 2009

Lesbians Kissing – From Love To Know Dating

March 24, 2009

The image of lesbians kissing can inspire a wide variety of reactions in people. Regardless of your opinions on sexual identity, the fact is that romantic interactions between women are becoming more and more a part of our mainstream culture.

Famous Moments of Lesbians Kissing

Pop culture has had many instances of lesbians kissing, even when the general public didn’t realize it. The movie Cruel Intentions was one of the more blatant efforts by a director to insert a blatantly lesbian kiss into a mainstream movie. Other movies such as the award-winning Aimee and Jaguar (1999) took a less sensationalistic, more historical view of the plight of lesbians persecuted by their culture.

Lesbian kiss at Seattle ballpark stirs debate

March 24, 2009


Lesbian kiss at Seattle ballpark stirs debate

“DIRT” Season 1, Episode 13: Lucy Spiller (Courteney Cox) and Tina Harrod (Jennifer Aniston)

March 19, 2009

Alyssa Milano & Monet Mozur

March 19, 2009

A Sister’s Kiss

March 15, 2009

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